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VIP Sauna "9th billow"


If You want to relax in our sauna Neptune at a discount, here are a few options on how to do this :
You print out the discount coupon and bring it to us
You relax over 5 hours
You become our constant client and receive a savings club card

If You want to visit our sauna with its products and drinks, please understand : the increase in the cost of rent of a hall for 20%.

Conditions for obtaining and work of the Club card:
The CLUB CARD is issued when re-visiting saunas "Neptune", the nominal value of 5%, the card extends to the rent of the hall.
CLUB CARD funded, provided that, if within 30 days You visited a sauna "Neptune" or in the sauna of our partners "Bath club "9 Val"" totally more than 10 hours, Your discount rate increases by 1%.
Maximum discount of 15%.
Having reached 15%, the owner of a CLUB CARD gets a discount on SERVICES in our club (bar, kitchen, massage chair, while renting premises).
Discount on massage, peeling, show programs and shares saunas "Neptune" act.
The club card is the property of saunas "Neptune" and the administration has the right to issue and cancel the card of the guest, in connection with inadequate behavior of the latter.
To get the discount, you must submit the card before paying the bill.
Detailed information you can get by phone or when visiting bath complex.
To receive the discount - print out the coupon, and then cut and present before paying the bill.